VLCFF, University of Dayton Employee Program

Welcome to the VLCFF! We are excited to help you begin your journey with VLCFF courses! Please watch our brief video tutorial, then follow the steps below.

Getting Started with the VLCFF

  1. Start by watching two videos on our home page (vlcff.udayton.edu). The Overview of the VLCFF video gives you some background information on the VLCFF, who we are, how we operate, etc. The Getting Started with VLCFF video gives you pointers on how our courses run, what is expected of you and offers some great tips. Both videos will help you understand the courses and process.

  2. Create a profile (covered in the Tutorial Video). Select "Log In" in the top right corner of our website, followed by "create a profile." Fill in needed information (remember your username and password), and submit your profile. Choose "University of Dayton Fac/Staff" as your diocese

  3. Check our course calendar for registration dates. During registration, log into your VLCFF account and select "Register for a Course." Please note, if you see a waiting list for the course you wish to take, look just under it to see if there is a B section open. The B after the course title only indicates the second section open — it is the same course. C is the third section, and so on.

  4. After you have registered for a class, you will receive a confirmation email. Forward this email to Angela Hall, ahall1@udayton.edu — Angela Hall will take care of the payment for you.

  5. Order any needed books (covered in video and will be in your registration email).

  6. On the day your course begins, log into your VLCFF account. Scroll down to "My Current Courses." Select the link and enjoy the class!

If along the way, you have any questions you are welcome to contact Angela Hall at ahall1@udayton.edu or 94325.