Certificate Programs

General Information

Before beginning these programs, be sure to contact your diocesan office and work through them to determine their requirements for your certification for ministry. Our program is an avenue to assist the dioceses in their work of certifying you for your ministry. The VLCFF does not certify you for a particular ministry - your certification will come from your diocese.

You will receive a paper certificate from us for each level (if applicable) of the program that you complete, and a final paper certificate when you have completed the entire program. These documents can be presented to your diocese along with other requirements they may set forth to complete your certification.

The application fee for each certificate program is $20.00 for partners; $35.00 for non-partners. Click here to see if your diocese is a partner with the VLCFF. If the certificate program for which you are applying has two or more levels, the application fee applies to each level of the program.

Normal Course and Seminar fees apply.

To find more information for each specific certificate program, please click one of the links below:


Scoring is mandatory for all courses taken as part of the Certificate Program. Our partnering dioceses want to know the quality of work of their online students, as they will be certifying them for ministry within their diocese. They are also continually looking for outstanding students who may be commissioned by the dioceses for a particular ministry based on the quality of their work.

You will receive a mark of "good", "very good" or "distinguished" for each course, level and for the complete certificate program. Click here for the scoring rubric.