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Sr. Rita Hawk SC

Foto de Sr. Rita  Hawk SC

Ubicación: Mt. St. Joseph, Ohio, Estados Unidos

Greetings, Everyone, from Cincinnati Ohio! I am Sister Rita Hawk, Sister of Charity of Cincinnati. Since 2009, shortly after I "retired" from full time parish ministry, I have facilitated VLCFF Courses. What a blessing in my life! Prior to "retiring" which I have learned to call "redirecting my energy", beginning in 1960, I served as a High School religion, Latin and English teacher in Catholic and public schools in Michigan and Ohio. Since 1963, I have been involved as a catechist in various parishes. From 1978, I have served as parish DRE and Diocesan Religious Education Consultant in the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio as well as DRE and Pastoral Associate in the Dioceses of Columbus and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Being a Graduate of the University of Dayton with an MA in Religious Studies in 1981, I came "home" to the University as Sr. Angela Ann invited me to serve as a Facilitator for VLCFF classes. What a blessing! Every cycle I learn and share and realize the gift that so many dedicated people are to the ministry of catechesis for our Church--world wide. I live at our Motherhouse which overlooks the Ohio River. We have beautiful grounds which are a real blessing for walking, prayer and meditation. Please do visit our website: