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Rebecca Spellacy

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Ubicación: Toronto, Canadá

I'm originally from outside of Seattle. That means I have a slightly unhealthy apprieciation for coffee and apples. I went to college (The Catholic University of American) and got married and moved to small town in New Jersey, which means I have an understadning of people who locate where they live based off of a larger city (as in "I'm from outside of Philadelphia"). My husband and I both decided to go to graduate school and ended up at the Toronto School of Theology. There I finished my ThD in theology with a focus on liturgy (my thesis on the burial liturgy of the Episcopal Church and why bodies are important). Due in no small part to my husband's constant prayers, but with a final nail being my thesis, I was formally received into the Catholic Church on St. Joseph's Day, 2017. I currently work for the Archdiocese of Toronto in the Office of Formation for Discipleship as the Associate Director for Liturgy. I love working with and journing wtih people who are learning about the faith, it gives me the opportunity to grown and learn more about mine. When I'm not at work, I enjoy doing genealogical research, reading really bad historical fiction, and doing almost anything that gets me out of the city.