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Mr. David J. Gruber M.A.

Foto de Mr. David J. Gruber M.A.

Ubicación: Galloway, Ohio, Estados Unidos

Married 38 years (04 June) to my beautiful, cradle Catholic wife and our two grown "boys", 36 (Critical Care RN) and 25 (special needs college student). -----My Profession of Faith into the Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) from a family experience in Judaism, Quaker/Friends Church, Lutheran (ELCA, Missouri Synod), as well as my own faith journey in many other Protestant/Evangelical traditions has now been 34 years ago this Easter and I am in my 30th year of active ministry overall in RCIA Ministry as well as serving in Administrative and Catechetical Leader roles in parishes and teaching middle school theology. -----Prior to becoming a full time professional lay ecclesial minister, I spent over 20 years in business management positions in the advertising and industrial cutting tool industries after completing undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University in 1984. I completed my graduate studies in Theology at Ohio Dominican University. -----I became involved in online learning in 2009 as a parent with a special needs son after enrolling him in an online public school. I am a strong proponent of online educational opportunities after seeing the effectiveness of the curriculum and the minimized distractions of working independently and online, especially in older adolescent and adult learning. -----In response to our shared baptismal vocation, we are called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to all we encounter, no matter where that encounter may occur. Jesus' encounters with the Woman at the Well or on the Road to Emmaus reminds us that in our life's journey, these encounters can occur anywhere at anytime. Much of our life's journey today occurs in the online world. Utilizing technology to evangelize and catechize is a wonderful example of meeting people where they are. I am committed to meet each of you where you are and am honored to be accompanying you here at VLCFF. -------During these uncertain times, it is my opinion that we all need to be open to the Living Word of God through Scripture and our relationship with God. "Being Church" in the days to come is going to require us all to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our relationship with God, through Christ, is empowered through having a deeper understanding and love of the true depth of Scripture as it has shaped humanity for millenia. -------"It is Christ Himself, not the Bible, who is the true Word of God. The Bible, read in the right spirit and with the guidance of good teachers will bring us to Him. When it becomes really necessary (i.e. for our spiritual life, not for controversy or curiosity) to know whether a particular passage is rightly translated or is Myth (but of course Myth specially chosen by God from among countless Myths to carry a spiritual truth) or history, we shall no doubt be guided to the right answer. But we must not use the Bible (our ancestors too often did) as a sort of Encyclopedia out of which texts (isolated from their context and read without attention to the whole nature and purport of the books in which they occur) can be taken for use as weapons." from the "Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis"