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Dr. Constance Price

Foto de Dr. Constance  Price

Ubicación: Toronto, Canadá

I was born in Ohio, and am a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen. I came to Canada in 1984 to study, and have remained here ever since. My academic background is theology (B.A., Theology, Creighton University; M.Div., University of Toronto/St. Michael's, and Ph.D., University of At. Michael's College). My specialty is doctrine and foundational theology, as well as the ecumenical and interfaith context. I have worked in various chaplaincy settings, and for decades as a musician, both liturgical and secular. I became disabled a few years ago, and have been adjusting to life in a wheelchair, viewing the world from a sitting position. This has helped me to become more aware of and sensitive to people with special needs like my own.