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Mr. Perviz Querobino De Souza

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Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A corporate communications professional by trade, Perviz found his calling to work with catechesis when he moved to Abu Dhabi and started attending St. Joseph's Parish. Most Friday mornings find him leading the parish teen ministry in collaboration with a team of dedicated and committed catechists who have become an extended family as they help over 250 teenagers develop their faith post-Confirmation. His previous experiences include leading the Children's Liturgy of the Word for groups exceeding 600 children – many of whom are currently in the teen ministry program. Catechesis is really a family affair - with his wife, Zelma, teaching some of the primary level classes and their two children, both of whom are trained catechists and VLCFF students, having been involved before they left for university and still coming around to help when they are in town visiting. Perviz has a Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity from Maryvale Institute - International Catholic College in Birmingham, UK. This degree is established by the Holy See according to the norms governing Higher Institutes of Religious Sciences (HIRS) and is conferred through Maryvale HIRS by La Faculté Nôtre-Dame in Paris under the authority of the Holy See. He is currently pursuing a MA in Catholic Applied Theology (Spirituality), also at Maryvale, and is interested in the application of religious art in the new evangelization.