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Dr. Cindy Sena-Martinez

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Location: Anchorage, Alaska, United States

I am at my best when I am spending quality time with God, my family, and helping others grow in their relationship with, as well as knowledge of, God. I take great delight in education and learning, especially topics concerning Catholicism, Christianity, Spirituality and the faith & spiritual development of the human person. I have over 39 years experience working in Church ministry as a catechist, Director of Religious Education, Director of Faith Formation, Liturgical Ministry Leader, Choir Director, Youth Minister, Parish Pastoral Coordinator, Retreat Master, Conference Speaker, Parish Mission Leader, and the Director of a Retreat Center. I spent 4-years as an educator in Catholic Schools teaching theology (among other subjects) to both middle school and high school students. I love spending time with God, singing, reading, writing, songwriting/composing, spending time with my family, providing emotional and spiritual support for those in need, and sharing my faith with others through song, story, and teaching. I hold a PhD in Spiritual Psychology; MS in Psychology & Counseling; a Certificate in Catholic Theology, and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction (Ignatius Spirituality). My doctoral studies and research focused on healing through music, healing the human spirit, spiritual growth & development, as well as wellness and health: soul, body, & mind (mental & emotional). I am a published Singer/Songwriter with 5-music CD's available and a national presenter with my husband for -Retreats, Conferences, Workshops, and Parish Missions. I have been married 36 years to an amazing, fun-loving, God-filled man who is ordained a permanent deacon for the Archdiocese of Anchorage, Alaska.