Overview of the GDC and NDCCourse Level: Basic

Course Summary

Note: Overview of the GDC & NDC is a 3 week seminar.

Two Church documents which are responsible for guiding and reflecting the practice of catechesis in the twenty-first century are the GDC-General Directory for Catechesis (1997) and the NDC-National Directory for Catechesis (2005). The vision of each of these two documents is closely aligned with the other. This seminar will address how these documents echo each other and where they are unique. The accountability for the message of the documents will be examined.

Successful completion of this course earns 1.5 CEU's. Click here for more information about CEU's.

General Course Objectives

  • To know the form of literature of a directory, the timeline of catechetical documents and the purpose of a national directory
  • To examine the relationship between evangelization and catechesis
  • To list the similarities and differences between the General and National directories regarding evangelization
  • To identify the contribution of each document
  • To explain the responsibility of each document

Course Materials

  • Required Book: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops National Directory for Catechesis USCCB Publishing. 2005 ISBN: 1574554433; ISBN-13: 978-1574554434
  • Optional Book: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Congregation for the Clergy General Directory for Catechesis. USCCB 1998 ISBN: 1574552252; ISBN-13: 978-1574552256

Course Structure and Highlights

  • Week 1: Introduction to GDC/NDC
    • To understand the meaning and purpose of the GDC and NDC
    • To understand the relationship between the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the GDC and NDC
    • To understand catechesis in the light of evangelization
    • To understand the importance and elements for ongoing[br] catechetical formation for all in the catechetical ministry of the Church
  • Week 2: Highlights of the GDC in relation to the NDC
    • To understand that the purpose of evangelization is to bring about faith and conversion in Christ
    • To be introduced to the key points for Pastoral Directives for Evangelization
    • To be introduced to the Six Tasks of Catechesis
    • To explain that “Catechesis is an essentially ecclesial act.”
  • Week 3: Critical Elements for Implementation
    • To understand the importance of a diversity of methodologies to address the appropriate age and needs of the students
    • To understand the role of both human and media communication for effective catechesis
    • To begin to identify the key elements for nurturing a quality catechist formation program
    • To begin to understand why the NDC calls for a pastoral catechetical plan