Panorama of the Old TestamentCourse Level: Basic

Course Summary

Studying the Old Testament can be a daunting task. This course provides a bird’s eye view, a panorama of salient topics with which learners of the Old Testament must be familiar in a prayerful setting.

Successful completion of this course earns 2.5 CEU's. Click here for more information about CEU's.

Course Materials

  • Required Book: Stephen J. Binz Panorama of the Old Testament Liturgical Press ISBN: 978-0814663721

Course Structure and Highlights

  • Week 1: The Pentateuch
    • Learners will understand and identify central themes of salvation history as presented in the Pentateuch.
  • Week 2: The Historical Books
    • Learners will describe and acknowledge the historical writings of scripture as a testament to God’s fidelity to the Israelites.
  • Week 3: The Writings
    • Learners will be able to apply stories of Old Testament in real-life situations.
  • Week 4: The Prophetic Books
    • Learners will be able to compare and contrast some of the prophetic writings in relation to current events.
  • Week 5: New Learnings
    • Learners will develop deeper values and learning skills for scholarship in biblical studies.