Basics of Catechist Formation 1.3: The Human Development and Spirituality of the Catechist and LearnerNivel de curso: Básico

Descripción del curso

This e-seminar will present an overview of the nature of spirituality and various models of spiritual growth and human development set forth by James Fowler, John Westerhoff, Lawrence Kohlberg, and Carol Gilligan. The e-seminar will enable individuals to both assess their own growth and development and recognize various stages in those they teach. Materials include short articles, videos, and selections from the National Directory for Catechesis and the Directory for Catechesis.

This is the third e-seminar for Level 1 of the VLCFF E-Cat Seminar Series. Catechists learn about the various stages of human development in line with the spiritual development of both the catechist and the learner. It is recommended, but not required that the catechist participates in Basics of Catechist Formation 1:1: Catechesis is……. (This three-week e-seminar offers a brief history of the Church’s catechetical ministry) and Basics of Catechist Formation 1.2: Vocation of the Catechist (This three-week e-seminar explores what it means to be a catechist today).

Al término satisfactorio del curso obtendrás 1.5 UEP's. Precione aquí para mayor información acerca de las UEP's.

Objetivos Generales del Curso

  • To understand the nature of spirituality
  • To become familiar with various models of spiritual growth and human development for both self-understanding and relational understanding of others.
  • To apply the various stages of human and spiritual development to catechetical ministry.

Materiales para el Curso

  • No se requiere de libros. Todas las lecturas están en línea.

Estructura y Contenidos del Curso

  • Semana 1: Understanding Spirituality: The Call to Holiness
    • To understand the meaning of spirituality
    • To articulate the basic tenets of Catholic spirituality
    • To explain the interconnectedness of spirituality, religion, and theology.
  • Semana 2: Stages of Faith Development
    • Become familiar with the work of James Fowler and John Westerhoff
    • Recognize these stages of faith development in oneself and in one’s students
    • Consider how knowledge of these theories of faith development can enhance one’s role as a catechist.
  • Semana 3: Stages of Human Development
    • Become familiar with the work of Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan.
    • Recognize these stages of development in oneself and in one’s students
    • Consider how persons with various disabilities or in exceptional circumstances can be served by all the models of human and spiritual development.