Scripture, the Soul of MariologyCourse Level: Advanced

Course Summary

In this course, we will give students a foundation for studying the Church’s teaching on Mary by examining the Marian texts in Sacred Scripture, the soul of all theology—including Mariology. We will begin by reflecting on the Marian texts in the New Testament and applying the Church’s guidelines for biblical interpretation. We will then elaborate upon those texts by considering how the New Testament makes use of typology to interpret prophesies and events recorded in the Old Testament.

Successful completion of this course earns 2.5 CEU's. Click here for more information about CEU's.

General Course Objectives

  • Identify the Marian texts of the New Testament, and summarize what they say about Mary.
  • Draw meaning from the Marian texts by applying the Church’s guidelines for biblical interpretation.
  • Explain typology and its role in interpreting Marian texts.
  • Suggest some ways that Scripture supports the Church’s teaching on Mary.
  • Discern how Mary models bearing evangelical witness to her Son.

Course Materials

  • No books required. All readings are online.

Course Structure and Highlights

  • Week 1: Mary and Scripture: An Overview
    • Offer an overview of Marian texts in the New Testament
    • Articulate basic principles of Biblical interpretation
    • Explain how those principles can be applied to Marian texts
  • Week 2: Lessons in Typology
    • Articulate a Johannine view of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    • Explain what types and typology are.
    • Describe how Old Testament types can enrich our understanding of Mary and her role in salvation history.
  • Week 3: A Look at the Lucan Mary
    • Point out some ways that the Evangelist Luke portrays Mary as fulfilling prophecies and types from the Old Testament.
    • Suggest what the details about Mary in Luke’s Gospel might reveal about her as a person.
    • Describe how Luke sees Mary’s role in the work of her Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Week 4: Mary as Queen Mother
    • Describe the role of the Queen Mother in the life of ancient Israel.
    • Identify passages in the New Testament that refer to Mary as a Queen.
    • Explain how the Old Testament sheds light on the duties of Mary’s queenly office.
  • Week 5: Mary, Star of Evangelization
    • Explain what the portrayal of Mary in the Visitation scene says about the Good News about God and his Word.
    • Discern how the words and deeds of Mary in the Visitation scene might serve as a model for bearing witness to Jesus and his Gospel.