Let This Be the Time: Spiritual Essentials for Life's Second ActCourse Level: Basic

Course Summary

If we don’t listen to the world’s stereotypes, myths and jokes about getting older, our lives are filled with possibilities, growth, depth and joy, particularly in the things that matter. The spirituality of our maturing years enables us to be maturing persons of integrity, touching the world with gifts that are so needed. This seminar explores the needs of people in their later lives: what is happening and how to maximize these times for the deepening of our spirituality.

Successful completion of this course earns 1.5 CEU's. Click here for more information about CEU's.

General Course Objectives

  • To identify some of the needs of eldering adults
  • To recognize which of these needs are being experienced in your life at the present time
  • To reflect on the present and to-come realities of the older years in hope and with a supportive community
  • To plan and make decisions for the growth-filled years ahead

Course Materials

  • Required Book: Janet Schaeffler, OP Let This Be the Time: Spiritual Essentials for Life’s Second Act Twenty-Third Publications, 2020 ISBN: 1627855599; ISBN-13: 978-1627855594; ASIN: B09GG9G7SX

Course Structure and Highlights

  • Week 1: The Need to Live a Life of Meaning and to Navigate Change and Loss
    • To affirm for oneself the many ways life has purpose and meaning during the growing older years
    • To explore one’s experiences of and responses to change and loss
  • Week 2: Our Need to be Grateful, to Forgive and to Give
    • To recognize the two great tasks of the later years: gratitude and forgiveness
    • To deepen awareness of ways to be grateful, ways to be forgiving
    • To identify ways one has given throughout life- and are still giving
  • Week 3: Our Need for Spiritual Integration, to Let Go and to Prepare for Death and Dying
    • To more deeply understand the journey of aging as a journey of spirituality
    • To reflect on the necessity and gifts resulting from divesting, living simply and letting go
    • To become more aware of the benefits of embracing death as a blessing, the next step, the doorway to a new life