Spirituality of the Missionary DiscipleNivel de curso: Básico

Descripción del curso

In this seminar, we will reflect on how to cultivate a spirituality of mission, growing as missionary disciples. To do this, we will acquaint ourselves with some of the Church documents that deal with the spirituality of the missionary disciple, how to be a Church that is alive, attentively looking after the most vulnerable in our society, and some moments of reflection that will help create an experience of encounter with the Teacher through his inspirational message of renewal.

Al término satisfactorio del curso obtendrás 1.5 UEP's. Precione aquí para mayor información acerca de las UEP's.

Objetivos Generales del Curso

  • Better understand the effects of the culture of the encounter in our lives from the perspective of the missionary disciple.
  • To get a better sense of what it means to be “a Church that goes out” through Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation “The Joy of the Gospel.”
  • Have moments of reflection, helping us grow as contemplatives.
  • Enter the spirituality of the missionary disciple following the Pope Benedict’s address at Aparecida with some theological reflections.

Materiales para el Curso

  • No se requiere de libros. Todas las lecturas están en línea.

Estructura y Contenidos del Curso

  • Semana 1: The Culture of Encounter
    • Get a better look at the Culture of Encounter.
    • Become aware of ourselves, with others and with creation.
    • Being able to articulate our feelings in writing through reflection, meditation and contemplation.
  • Semana 2: A Church that Goes Out
    • Understanding the meaning of being a “Church that goes out”.
    • Explain the meaning on how “the Church is always called to be in a permanent state of mission”.
    • Ponder in our hearts everything learned this week through silent meditation
  • Semana 3: The Spirituality of the Missionary Disciple
    • Better understand missionary spirituality.
    • Enter into the spirituality of Jesus.
    • Have moments of visual and personal meditation.