On the Call to Holiness (Gaudete Et Exsultate)Nivel de curso: Intermedio

Descripción del curso

  • Introduction to the Apostolic Exhortation – Call to Holiness
  • Highlighting the Beatitudes  
  • Exploring Discernment for Nurturing one’s spiritual life
  • No prerequisites

Al término satisfactorio del curso obtendrás 2.5 UEP's. Precione aquí para mayor información acerca de las UEP's.

Objetivos Generales del Curso

  • Define different approaches/means to holiness
  • Explain the meaning and importance of silence today
  • Explain the meaning of contemporary Gnosticism and Pelagianism
  • Explain the Beatitudes as the Christian Identity card
  • Explain the Church’s understanding of Evil
  • Define the meaning of Discernment

Materiales para el Curso

  • No se requiere de libros. Todas las lecturas están en línea.

Estructura y Contenidos del Curso

  • Semana 1: Call to Holiness
    • Define the meaning of holiness for today
    • Identify the meaning of middle class of holiness.
    • Identify what are the ‘small gestures’ of holiness
  • Semana 2: Challenge of Contemporary Gnosticism and Pelagianism
    • Explain the relationship of loving silence and interaction with others for growing in holiness
    • Explain the meaning of Contemporary Gnosticism and Pelagianism
    • Explain the hierarchy of virtues that are essential for a holy life.
  • Semana 3: The Christians Identify Card: The Beatitudes
    • Explain the meaning of the Beatitudes as the Identity Card for all Christians
    • Name the eight Beatitudes
    • Explain why Matt 25:31-46 is the Great Criterion for holiness
  • Semana 4: Five Great Expressions of a Model to Holiness
    • Identify the five great expressions of a model to holiness
    • Explain the meaning of ‘parrhesia’
  • Semana 5: Invitation to Discernment
    • Explain why the Catholic life is a constant battle with evil
    • Explain what the CCC states about evil
    • Explain the meaning of spiritual discernment as related along our path to holiness