MercyCourse Level: Basic

Course Summary

This seminar will provide 3 weeks of    reflection  as we  explore and embrace a fuller meaning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, and the importance of incorporating spiritual practices of prayer to continuously seek a life of being merciful like our heavenly Father is merciful.    
 We will use various methodologies:  articles, excerpts from the Adult Catholic Catechism, and several biblical passages. There will be two discussion boards prompting reflection and discussion of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, by participants along with sharing personal theological reflections with the instructor.

Successful completion of this course earns 1.5 CEU's. Click here for more information about CEU's.

General Course Objectives

  • To be able to define the many uses of Mercy
  • To be able to explain the necessity for Pope Francis’ call for the Jubilee of Mercy
  • To become familiar with Luke’s Narrative “Love of Enemies.”
  • To discover ways of incorporating Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy in the New Evangelization
  • To understand our role in being merciful through Paul’s epistle to the Corinthians
  • To recognize the challenges and blessings of being merciful to others

Course Materials

  • No books required. All readings are online.

Course Structure and Highlights

  • Week 1: Focusing on Saying Lord Have Mercy
    • To articulate the general purpose and goals of Jubilee Year of Mercy
    • To identify the significance of the prayer, “Lord of Mercy.”
    • To explain the three major expressions of prayer (as you understand them).
  • Week 2: Works of Mercy
    • To describe the transformative process of being merciful like our heavenly Father.
    • To describe the nature and characteristics of the “Works of Mercy.”
    • To evaluate your parish’s efforts in living out the “Works of Mercy.”
  • Week 3: The Ministry of Reconciliation
    • To explain why we are called to the ministry of reconciliation.
    • To identify three important aspects of the ministry of reconciliation.
    • Compare and contrast the characteristics of the Old and New Covenant.
    • To evaluate one’s understanding of the title “Ambassador of Christ”.