Pentecost: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost Sunday isn't just another day on the calendar for Catholics. It's our birthday! 50 days after Easter, we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and Mary, marking the birth of the Church.

Remember the Upper Room? The Apostles, fearful after Jesus' ascension, received a powerful gift – the Holy Spirit descended as wind and fire. They were empowered to speak in different languages, overcoming barriers and spreading the Gospel message to all.

Pentecost reminds us that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the Church today. It's the Spirit that guides us, strengthens us, and gives us the courage to share our faith. This Pentecost, let's celebrate the birthday of our Church family and ask the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts and guide us on our faith journey.

Get Ready for Cycle 4!

Calling all lifelong learners – Cycle 4 registration is now open!

The VLCFF offers a welcoming online space to explore Catholic doctrine through engaging courses in English, Spanish, and even Arabic! And also benefit from the personalized attention of our experienced instructors. Each class is capped at 15 participants, ensuring you receive direct support and can engage deeply with the material and your peers. Whether you're a catechist, ministry leader, or simply seeking personal growth, the VLCFF provides enriching programs to deepen your understanding and ignite your faith journey.

Cycle 4 promises a fresh lineup of topics, making it the perfect time to jump in. Our courses are expertly designed to accommodate your schedule, allowing you to learn and grow at your own pace alongside fellow learners around the world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your spiritual and intellectual life through our carefully curated courses. Secure your spot today and be part of a unique educational experience that transcends traditional learning boundaries

An Introduction to Catholic Doctrine on the Blessed Virgin Mary

We are pleased to announce the return of a cornerstone course in Cycle 4: "An Introduction to Catholic Doctrine on the Blessed Virgin Mary." If you are enrolled in the VLCFF Marian Studies Certificate Program, be sure to register for this course.

Designed for a rigorous exploration of Marian theology, this course delves into the official teachings of the Church regarding Mary's role in salvation history. You will engage with Scripture's portrayal of Mary, analyze Church doctrines such as the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption, and gain a deeper appreciation for her unique place within Catholic faith.

Led by a distinguished instructor, the course offers a flexible learning format, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into your schedule. This is a valuable opportunity to strengthen your theological understanding and enrich your personal devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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The Importance of Inclusion: Special Needs Certificate Programs

At some point in our lives, special needs touch all of us. Whether it's a family member, a friend, or even ourselves, the importance of recognizing special needs cannot be overstated. Are you passionate about including individuals with special needs in your faith community? We offer a Special Needs Certificate Program designed to equip you for this rewarding ministry.

This program is ideal for catechists, teachers, and ministers who work in parishes, schools, or dioceses. Whether you're new to special needs ministry or looking to enhance your skills, the VLCFF program provides a flexible and enriching learning experience.

The program is divided into two levels. Level One covers foundational topics like disabilities across the lifespan and creating inclusive learning environments. Level Two delves deeper into specific needs, exploring strategies for teaching individuals with autism, ADHD, or chronic illness.

Taught by experienced instructors, the VLCFF program allows you to participate from anywhere in the world. The program not only educates but also fosters a compassionate community that upholds the dignity and potential of every individual, reflecting the inclusive heart of the Catholic faith.

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Trinity TV Collaboration

Trinity TV, a Catholic cable TV station broadcasting from Trinidad & Tobago, has launched an inspiring new program called Leap of Faith. Leap of Faith is the brainchild of Trinity TV station manager Lisa Bhajan. Her goal was to create a panel discussion program tackling issues affecting the modern Catholic Church.

To bring this idea to life, Lisa reached out to the IPI/VLCFF due to her over 20 year association with us. The VLCFF's Sister Angela Ann Zukowski enthusiastically supported developing the concept into a show. A regular episode of the half- hour show is called Ethos, and features well-informed guests from the University of Dayton and the IPI/VLCFF community. Feedback has been tremendously positive and we know you will enjoy the program. Individual episodes will be showcased here on our website, so check back often!

Leap of Faith, Ethos

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"I have completed many courses through University of Dayton VLCFF online. I keep thinking I am through but the classes you offer are so interesting and beneficial for my job and in my personal faith growth that I continue taking classes!"

Sybil, Virginia
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"I am eternally grateful to University of Dayton for treating me not as just a student, but as family. This was my first experience with online classes and I found myself struggling during a particular course since I was juggling studies, work, family and other activities. I felt swamped. I quickly fell behind and just as I was contemplating if I should quit, my facilitator taught me how to balance my assignments."

"So, every session has been awesome! Your facilitators take the time to give feedback on a personal level as well as reach out when assistance is needed."

Terrence, Trinidad & Tobago

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Did you know The University of Dayton offers undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees in Religious Studies?

As a Catholic Marianist university, the mission of the Department of Religious Studies is to discover, explore, and analyze religious experience in its various manifestations emphasizing the Roman Catholic tradition, in dialogue with the other Christian traditions and with the world religions.

For more information visit the Religious Studies website.

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