VLCFF Scholarship Fund

Each year a number of scholarships are made available for individuals who may be experiencing a financial need for participating in a VLCFF course, or certificate program.   The scholarship primarily supports the course registration fee, not the coverage of required texts. Preference is given to persons whose dioceses are VLCFF Diocesan Partners; however, others may apply.

Application Requirements

  1. Write an application letter to the VLCFF director stating one’s need for a VLCFF scholarship.
  3. Attach an endorsement memo, or letter from your pastor, parish ministry or diocesan leader.
  5. Applications for a particular cycle must be received two cycles prior to the cycle the e-course/e-seminar is offered. (Check VLCFF course calendar vlcff.udayton.edu)
  7. Send application to:

          University of Dayton / VLCFF Director
          VLCFF Scholarship
          Daniel J Curran Place, Suite M1200
         300 College Park
         Dayton, Ohio 45409-7013

VLCFF Scholarship Donations

The VLCFF accepts financial contributions to the VLCFF Scholarship Endowment to support individuals either in their diocese, the USA, or from other countries, to register for a VLCFF course or certificate program. Make checks payable to the, "VLCFF Scholarship Fund." For more information CONTACT US.