Year of Faith Article V:
Great is Your Faith!
Rahab commended for her faith. Joshua 2:1-24 (Heb. 11:31)

Now, when one is commended for their   faith, it means a whole lot more than merely having faith.   It means taking a risk and putting one's   faith into action and that is just what Rahab who supposedly kept a brothel   did.   Hmm"¦ a harlot in the company of men   of God?   That will certainly be headlines   for all the News and Radio channels today.     I can already envisage the various captions: "Clergy Caught Pants   Down!", "Strange Bed-Fellows!", "What a Conundrum!" "Explanation Please"¦!"   You have gotten the idea"¦ Rahab's actions and   those of Joshua's spies were audacious indeed.

Can you imagine defying the king of   the land in favor of some "religious" nuts of whom you have only heard strange   stories of their strange God?   Yet, Rahab   must have noticed something unique about these men sent by Joshua.   They were trustworthy men and they kept their   word.   See, when they promised to protect   Rahab and her family they gave her specific instructions to follow.   Rahab followed their instructions and her   family was saved.   Likewise, they trusted   their lives to Rahab by following her instructions and they were able to   deliver Jericho into the hands of Joshua.     These men followed Joshua's instructions not asking why they had to stay   at the house of a woman with a questionable character known in all the   land.

What do we learn from Rahab?   For starters, maybe we should not be so quick   to judge others.    We are reminded in   Matthew 7:1 not to judge so that we too will not be judged.   Have you wondered how Rahab came to be known   as a harlot?   How did people know that   she was a harlot or that she kept a brothel?     Obviously this information must have taken place through gossip.   How often do we pass on information about   others without checking for facts?     Maybe, we may think twice before repeating negative information about   others.

Notice that Rahab's actions made such a   difference that she is mentioned in Hebrews as having faith.   Incredible, some may say but faith is a   different ball game.   It calls for   action, bravery and total dependence in dire circumstances.   May this Year of Faith see an increase in our   faith as we learn to listen, obey and totally trust in the Lord, for he is   faithful!   Just out of curiosity what   would you have done if you had been one of the men sent by Joshua to seek   directions, guidance and shelter in a brothel?


  Dorothy Mensah-Aggrey, MA
  Administrative Specialist-Curriculum Design & Adult Catechesis
  University of Dayton
  Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

Note: This is a series of articles that will be published periodically during the Year of Faith taking a different perspective on the biblical aspects of the Year of Faith.