Undergraduate Credit


Courses for undergraduate credit are graded. Earned credits can be used toward completing a degree program at the University of Dayton or other, accredited schools of higher education, subject to approval by the host school.

100 - 93 = A ... Excellent
92 - 90 = A-
89 - 87 = B+
86 - 83 = B ... Good
82 - 80 = B-
79 - 77 = C+
76 - 73 = C ... Fair
72 - 70 = C-
69 - 65 = D ... Poor, but passable

Any grade that scores 64 or below is an F, a failing grade.

Cost for Courses for Undergraduate Credit

VLCFF courses for undergraduate credit are generally 5 weeks in duration. Each one credit course costs $200 for all students, be they from a partner diocese or not. Undergraduate credit classes are offered in tracks of three or more classes. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take the full track so they can benefit from studying the full scope of the topic area covered and receive a total of at least three credits which can be used toward certification or a degree program.

Additional Requirements

Students who opt to take a class for undergraduate credit must fulfill the additional assignments in the course reserved for those who take this option. These assignments will come as extra readings, extra questions in each session, or a short paper to be written at the end of a course. No course will assign both extra questions and a paper together. In either case, the sum total of the extra written assignments won't exceed a five page paper or its equivalent.

Additional information on each course can be found in this University of Dayton Bulletin.


For application information, contact Richard Drabik
To set up undergraduate enrollment please contact Richard Drabik