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Mrs. Frances Ferraro

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Location: Montvale, New Jersey, United States

I have a Level II Catechetical Certification through the VLCFF and am also certified in Catechesis through the Archdiocese of Newark. In addition, I hold an Advanced Certificate in Faith Formation from Fordham University and will complete my Masters in Religion and Religious Education with a concentration in Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Fall of 2018 (yay!). I also hold a BS and MBA in Accounting (Fordham University). I have been active in religious education for 15 years and in addition, minister in our Faith Formation ministry where I help students with “catch up” catechesis (these are students who for various reasons weren’t able to complete their religious education training through the traditional classroom setting). I have also authored numerous articles and poetry on various catechetical topics. I have participated in online learning for many years and enjoy the experience of sharing ideas, thoughts and views with other e-learners from various cultures and geographical regions. Finally, I have been married for almost 19 years and have two daughters, 17 and 14.