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Mrs. Joanne McCracken

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Location: Medford, New Jersey, United States

Hello, my name is Joanne McCracken and I live in Medford NJ about 45 minutes from Philadelphia. My husband and I first met the Marianists about 25 years ago through the Family Retreat Center in Cape May Point NJ where we both still volunteer on staff. We also do some volunteer work through the Center for Marianist Studies and Communities in Philly. We have two grown children and two wonderful grandsons. A registered nurse by profession, I worked for many years as a school nurse and recently worked for Rutgers University as a Clinical Supervisor in the School Nurse Program. I also belong to an online Marianist community which began as an outgrowth of one of the VLC Community courses. There are 8 members from six countries on four continents and we "meet five days a week for over ten years now. We have have a local community that meets in our home. Ray and I are both Marianist Affiliates. We belong Sacred Heart Parish in Camden NJ which only exists to serve the poor.