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Dr. Daniel Osborn

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Location: Saginaw, Michigan, United States

The good Lord has led me on a journey I never saw coming. Born in Buffalo, New York, but raised just across the Niagara river in Ontario, Canada...I somehow have been crossing borders for most of my adult life. A Notre Dame grad, God later touched my life profoundly during graduate school. As I was teaching at the University of Buffalo and about to finish my doctoral dissertation in English Literature, he got it though my thick skull that I was supposed to serve him and serve my sisters and brothers. I ended up doing about ten years of lay missionary service in places like India, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia, Austria, England and the Czech Republic. In 2000, I began studies in Philosophy at the Angelicum in Rome, eventually getting a doctorate in systematic theology. For my thesis, the Dominicans were kind enough to let me look at the poetry of Denise Levertov through the lens of the theology of icons.

When I finally returned to the United States, I found myself asking things like, "What is this Seinfeld thing you speak of?" I currently serve as team leader for the offices of Faith Formation, Youth Ministry and Lay Ministry in the Diocese of Saginaw, and also serve on the formation team for the permanent deacon program. As for my domestic church, my wife and I are blessed with two young daughters who teach us an awful lot about God and life! My interests include film, sports, and the history of words.