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Mrs. Doreen Conca Engel

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Location: Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

I have worked for over thirty years in Catholic Schools. I've had a variety of positions - teacher, principal, Director of Special Ed - but they all relate to serving children or adults with special needs. Currently I am directing a new program at a LaSallian High School in Rhode Island. The Benilde Program offers students with significant learning and health challenges the opportunity to pursue a college-preparatory course of study in an inclusive environment. I am married, but my husband has been severely mentally ill for many years. He lives nearby and attends a day psychiatric program - I am very involved in his care. I live with and care for my dad, who will be 97 in Feb 2016. I have two adult sons, who live out west but fortunately visit regularly. My hobbies are playing the violin and learning Spanish.