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Dr. Allison Rae Shardell

Foto de Dr. Allison Rae Shardell

Ubicación: Pataskala, Ohio, Estados Unidos

I am a special education teacher in a self-contained moderate-intensive multi-age classroom. I was a former DRE and also led the Deaf and Disabilities Ministry and the American Sign Language program at my former parish. I have my doctoral degree in human services with a concentration on autism and other childhood developmental disabilities, and a certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, as well as VLCFF's special needs catechesis certification, VLCFF catechist 1 and 2 certification, and licensure eligibility for the State of Ohio as an intervention specialist for mild/moderate, moderate/intensive, and deaf/hard of hearing special education. Before accepting my position as a DRE, I was an autism behavior specialist and vocational counselor, as well as a volunteer preschool and kindergarten catechist. I have four wonderful (and very active) children. In my spare time, I practice Tai Chi, Haidong Gumdo (a Korean sword martial art), Korean archery, and Tang Soo Do, and I also love cooking, photography, spending time in nature, and traveling the world. Some of my favorite moments have been exploring Vietnam, China, and the United States’ beautiful national parks.