Scoring Rubric for VLCFF Assessment

Comprehension of Content: determines how well the student demonstrates comprehension of the ideas and arguments presented in the readings, and all supporting details.

Time Management: determines how well the student completes all assignments the week they are due. It also determines, in part, the quality of participation in the discussion boards. At minimum, the three required postings don't get entered at once, and consistently and constructively engages classmates in substantive discussions.

Quality/Quantity: determines the depth and quality of student participation in the discussion boards and the quality of the answers given in all other assignments. The student demonstrates not just comprehension, but an understanding of why the ideas and arguments are what they are, and can thoughtfully agree or disagree with them.

Total Course Scores: Once again, the final score is to be calculated using the following number scale. Scores based on decimals or fractions won't be accepted.

Undergraduate Credit Grading Scale: Students who take courses for undergraduate credit will be graded according to the following scale.

100 - 93 = A ... Excellent
92 - 90 = A-
89 - 87 = B+
86 - 83 = B ... Good
82 - 80 = B-
79 - 77 = C+
76 - 73 = C ... Fair
72 - 70 = C-
69 - 65 = D ... Poor, but passable

Any grade that scores 64 or below is an F, a failing grade.

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