New Testament

Course Level: Basic

Course Summary

Please Note: This course is the third of basic level introductory courses to Scripture. We recommend the courses be taken in sequence especially if a student has had limited previous studies in scripture. The sequencing enables the student to cultivate a strong biblical foundation for understanding and applying the Scriptures in their lives. The sequence is: (1) Introduction to the Scriptures, (2) Old Testament and (3) New Testament.This course attempts to explore the stories in and behind the writings we call the New Testament. The course is a general overview introducing the student to the cultural context, composition, themes and pastoral application of the New Testament accounts for growing in Biblical knowledge. As in the Old Testament, we will study the texts from the threefold perspective of the World within the Text: Literature, The World behind the Text: History, and the World in Front of the Text: Our Culture. Through the study of Biblical maps, articles and religious art present on authoritative websites, our text and class discussions students can grow in New Testament knowledge, understanding and application to their life and ministry.

Successful completion of this course earns 2.5 CEU's.

General Course Objectives

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Course Structure and Highlights

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