Basics of Catechist Formation 1.3: The Human Development and Spirituality of the Catechist and Learner

Course Level: Basic

Course Summary

This e-seminar will present an overview of the nature of spirituality and various models of spiritual growth and human development set forth by James Fowler, John Westerhoff, Lawrence Kohlberg, and Carol Gilligan. The e-seminar will enable individuals to both assess their own growth and development and recognize various stages in those they teach. Materials include short articles, videos, and selections from the National Directory for Catechesis and the Directory for Catechesis.

This is the third e-seminar for Level 1 of the VLCFF E-Cat Seminar Series. Catechists learn about the various stages of human development in line with the spiritual development of both the catechist and the learner. It is recommended, but not required that the catechist participates in Basics of Catechist Formation 1:1: Catechesis is……. (This three-week e-seminar offers a brief history of the Church’s catechetical ministry) and Basics of Catechist Formation 1.2: Vocation of the Catechist (This three-week e-seminar explores what it means to be a catechist today).

Successful completion of this course earns 1.5 CEU's.

General Course Objectives

Course Materials

Course Structure and Highlights

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