The Distinctive Gift of Blackness with the Catholic Church

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Summary

This course intends to ignite a new spirit in Black Catholics. Eminence Wilton Cardinal Gregory recently said, "Since we alone are both Black and Catholic. We realize, of course, that we belong to a universal Church and must live within that Church, but we also realize that the gift of Blackness is uniquely ours to offer to the Church." (American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives) Through discernment, the Holy Spirit empowers Black Catholics in the universal Church to combat racism in the world, the Church, and other issues with their unique gifts of Blackness.  

Therefore, this course builds on our understanding of Black and Catholic today and tomorrow. With a plethora of challenges, Black Catholics today are ready to share their gift of Blackness with the universal Church. They are ready and eager to do the work of evangelization to build a better tomorrow. We do this by responding to the daunting issues of today, and by stirring up our gifts.  

Successful completion of this course earns 2.5 CEU's.

General Course Objectives

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Course Structure and Highlights

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