Chronic Illness: Mental Illness, Grief, Trauma Support and Counseling

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Summary

Chronic Illness: Mental Illness, Grief, Trauma Support, and Counseling provides participants with information about living with mental illness and repercussions from trauma, as well as the impact on family, friends, the community, and the Church. Today, mental health and the impact of trauma are beginning to receive attention in the Church and around the world due to increasing deaths from suicide and addiction, as well as the sizeable number of children growing up with a history of trauma, abuse, and neglect. This course is designed for anyone who works with children and adults at the diocese or parish levels, including pastors, deacons, catechetical leaders, catechists, parochial school principals and teachers, and lay ministers. A degree or background in counseling or psychology is not necessary to complete this course. Because conversations about death from suicide, violence, and addiction are essential to address when discussing mental illness and trauma, participants should be aware that these topics will be discussed.

Successful completion of this course earns 2.5 CEU's.

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Course Structure and Highlights

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