Introduction to Paul's Life and Letters

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Summary

Note: This course presumes a fundamental background in Old Testament.
It is an intermediate level introduction to Paul's life and letters. The course begins with an in-depth look at Paul's autobiography according to his letters and then moves on to discuss the seven authentic letters of Paul as both history and theology.   Topics such as Paul and Politics, Paul and Women, Paul and the Second Coming, Paul and Slavery, Paul and Judaism, and Paul on Salvation and Suffering will be discussed throughout the five weeks of this course. Students will read a variety of materials including some of the most important articles written about Paul in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. At the completion of this course students will be able to situate Paul in his first-century environment and talk intelligently about how Paul's theology is relevant for today's church.

Successful completion of this course earns 2.5 CEU's.

General Course Objectives

Course Materials

Course Structure and Highlights

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