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  • The Busted Halo Show
    Last summer, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSM, spoke about the VLCFF vision with Father Dave Dwyer on his nationally syndicated radio program.

  • We would like to extend an official welcome to the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. Archbishop Broglio has a message for all those in the Archdiocese around the world who are taking advantage of the VLCFF to grow in faith and understanding of our shared Catholic life. The Archbishop's message is a good one for every one from any diocese. Please take time and click the message.
  • "Why doesn't every one do this?" Joyce Kelleher, retired Diocesan Director of Religious Education-Diocese of Cleveland, shares her thoughts on partnership, catechesis, facilitating, and sharing faith with other Catholics around the world. (Interview by R. Drabik, Oct. 2007)
  • Interview with Bishop Richard Malone, Diocese of Portland Maine: Find out what Bishop Malone thinks of the state of catechesis in the Church today and why he sees the VLCFF as a "solid, substantial, and trustworthy" methodology for the Church's catechetical mission today. (Feb. 2008)
  • For ordinary Catholics the VLC is a great way to "feed your soul" as well as being "a Cadillac for our Catechists to ride in." Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk, Cincinnati.
    All this and a timely story about Federico da Montefeltro, a 15th Century mercenary soldier, in our latest installment of interviews with Bishops from partnering dioceses.
    Past interviews can be found clicking the mutlimedia link on the left side of the page. 
  • Listen to an interview with Bishop Anthony Bosco (conducted by R. Drabik Aug. 2007).

  • This May, our VLCFF director, Sr. Angela Zukowski, escorted 15 students from her Chaminade Scholars class on a pilgrimage to Italy. The class visited Assisi, Rome, and Vatican City where they had the opportunity to be interviewed by Christopher Wells of Vatican Radio. Click the link below to hear the 8 minute broadcast.